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Metro Atlanta could see ‘snow showers near and after dark’

More than 100 artists to ‘Elevate’ downtown Atlanta with public art


Dance Truck is part of the Elevate 2014 public art event that will take place across downtown Atlanta from Oct.17  to 23. CONTRIBUTED BY JASON TRAVIS

“Social City” is the theme for Elevate 2014, just announced by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and taking place at various downtown sites from Oct. 17 to 23.

More than 100 artists will seek to engage the public with living sculptures, interactive gadgetry, portable art and dance performances, artist panels and more.

Among the highlights:

  • The Goat Farm Arts Center, working with more 20 artists and designers, will transform 10 dumpsters into galleries, installations and sculptures. Located in alleyways and parks, the galleries will include a Secret Garden where visitors can make a wish and a Giant Synthesizer where they can make music.
  • French artist Joanie Le Mercier’s light-based projection art will create optical illusions as it “geometricizes” areas of Atlanta’s urban landscape.
  • Atlanta artist Branden Collins will employ ancient forms of masking and costuming from various cultures as reference points in his exhibit at Gallery 72.
  • Dance Truck will present dance and performance art on its stage-on-wheels.


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