Here are 9 new fall books for your reading list

Jerry Lee Lewis The WildsShut Up in My Bones Thirteen Days in September






Just as summer brings out lots of fun, frothy novels of romance and intrigue for poolside reading, fall delivers weightier books more suitable to the cooler, hearth-bound months. With no lawn to tend or vacations to plan, what’s left to do but ride out the cold weather and stall the holiday madness with a few thought-provoking books? Here are nine Southern titles we recommend, including a biography of a raucous rock ‘n’ roll pioneer penned by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author; a dark, surreal short story collection about desire, anxiety and wonder; a close-up look at a groundbreaking moment in international history; and a memoir about poverty, violence and sexuality.

And if you’re looking for a recommendation based on your tastes, take our quiz that will tell you what book you should read this fall.


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