James Patterson donates money to 2 Atlanta bookstores

Jeff McCord opened Bound to Be Read bookstore in 2005.

Jeff McCord opened Bound to Be Read in 2005.

Bound to Be Read bookstore in East Atlanta Village and Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur are the latest metro area bookstores to receive a gift of cold hard cash from best-selling author James Patterson. It was announced today that 81 bookstores across the country would share a gift of $473,000. Patterson has donated more than $1 million this year to 178 independent bookstores. Little Shop of Stories in Decatur was a recipient of the author’s gift earlier this year.

“Here’s to a joyful holiday season for booksellers everywhere,” said Patterson in a statement from his publicist. “Yes, joyful! Here’s to more parents and grandparents coming to their senses and giving their kids books—yes, books—for Christmas and other holidays. Here’s to local governments waking up to the fact that bookstores and libraries are essential to our way of life. Here’s to media coverage of books, booksellers, and publishers, and to a wiser, more literate America. Happy holidays to one and all!”




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