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Angela Bassett as Starfleet captain?

Will Angela Bassett find her place next among the stars?


It seems there is a growing social media campaign to get the “What’s Love Got To Do With It” actress cast as a captain in the new Star Trek television series under the hashtag #captainangelabassett.

CBS recently announced that Bryan Fuller would be the co-creator and showrunner   of the new series, which will be available in 2017 to U.S.  fans who have signed up with CBS All Access.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Fuller said in a 2013 interview that his dream cast would include Bassett as captain and Rosario Dawson as first officer.

The Twitterspere is not letting him forget.

Right now, though, Bassett may have her eyes on another prize. She is beaming her support to Hillary Clinton as her commander-in-chief.

Bassett played Coretta Scott King in the 2013 drama, “Betty & Coretta.”


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