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Imperial Opa! The circus that never leaves Atlanta

  • 1:28 pm Thursday, May 15th, 2014 by Elizabeth Montgomery
Members of the Imperial Opa Circus including Tim Mack, center, practice an acrobatic move in Mack's Southwest Atlanta loft Thursday night May 8, 2014. BEN GRAY / BGRAY@AJC.COM

A circus may visit Atlanta for a few days but soon packs away the tent heading off to the next city. Fortunately, Imperial Opa Circus is always in town. They put on a show the whole family can enjoy.

You’ll see 83-year-old Steve Seaberg, who has been an acrobat for more than 25 years, and Zac Binx, 23, who breathes fire.

Imperial Opa holds outdoor practices every other Sunday in Piedmont Park. They will be back May 25.

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Circus member Steve Seaberg, 83, plays the accordion during pratice. Video by Ben Gray [More]